Why LPG Bank is required

To meet the variegated needs of heavy industries, we are engaged in offering LPG gas lot manifold industrial. To match international quality standards. we ensure that LPG gas lot manifold industrial is leak-proof in construction and give flawless performance. We adept quality controllers test these engineering machines on stringent parameters to ensure that defect free range is delivered to the clients’ doorsteps.

LOT system is an advance concept in multi cylinder installations which overcomes lots of demerits of Bulk LPG system & conventional Manifold (VOT) systems. This system is widely used in commercial & industrial applications only where high pressure is required & not for domestic purpose.

LOT (Liquid Off take Systems) have become popular in commercial & Industrial usage of LPG. The system offers Strength of Bulk LPG Installation and easy functionality as that of Cylinder manifold. LOT LPS System withdraws Liquid LPG using the LOT valves. The LOT LPS Systems are Highly cost effective as there is no residual loss. We provide easy availability.

VOT (Vapour Off take Systems) is very commonly used in Star rated hotels & also in corporate offices.

Advantages of LPG Bank system
  • Requires less area than bulk installations.
  • No residual loss.
  • Constant pressure.
  • No license required
  • Cheaper than bulk installation
  • Easy availability
  • Very convenient to handle.

LOT (Liquid Off take Systems).                                                            VOT (Vapour Off take Systems).